Happy Place


Sitting on my porch in the early morning with my Hazelnut coffee is  “My Happy Place” . . . Love love love looking out at my Big Lake while surrounded with flowers and ferns! Makes me smile and feel calm but truly alive . . . “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience” . . . Eleanor Roosevelt

Our Friendly Fox



Our beautiful backyard fox comes to visit and share her wisdom. She is playful and nimble . . .  one minute you see her and the next she is gone. The charm and magical allure of the fox reminds me to take time to play and forget all my worries.



Duluth with Jenni!

Jenni and I spent a night at the Inn on Lake Superior in Canal Park, Duluth! We had an amazing time . . . so beautiful and relaxing! Loved walking the boardwalk, rock hunting,  and watching the ships coming in from our balcony . . . magical indeed! I am so grateful for my daughter . . . thank you God!