Snowfall to remember

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“Behold I make all things new” . . . Jenni and I woke up to behold this beautiful scene on our staycation! I looked out the windows and marveled at the snow as it fell with a hypnotic and calming steadiness. I believe this can be a prayer as I think of my God who sends it. Wherever I am on my journey, I do not want to walk through life and miss the glory of God! This first snowfall of the season is one I will always remember . . .

Staycation with Jenni

I truly feel blessed as I blog this morning . . . just returned from a mini “staycation” with my beautiful daughter and friend, Jenni! Her position at the Bayfield Inn gave her a stay at one of the most beautiful condos in Bayfield! It is wonderful to enjoy this magical area and play tourist! We shopped, hiked, entertained (Kevon and Grandma), and had breakfast at the Fat Radish. A special treat for me was Jenni’s homemade donuts – sooooo good!!! Love love love my life . . . all good gifts are from above!

Photos that make me smile . . .

IMG_2349IMG_2357Time with a small dog AGAIN! Was blessed to care for sweet Bella while her parents went on the evening cruise.


Spending time with Jenni at the most beautiful lake in the world . . .

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Chloe and Jenni . . .


Visit from Jean . . . dinner at the Bayfield Inn


Apostle Islands Cruise Boat Days of Summer


Flag Day Birthday!


Applefest Parade Day . . . Jenni and Chloe by their front door . . . love love love my life!

Autumn Serenity


As the blessed days of fall color approach their end, I stand by my Big Lake and feel the same sense of excitement as when I first moved here seven years ago. Much has changed, of course. But the exhilaration at this time of year . . . the sunlight slanting through the golden trees, the blustery wind scattering the multicolored falling leaves over the beach, and the reassuring roar of Lake Superior remain the same. Thank you God for letting me be here . . . it is good!

Happy Halloween!


There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight . . .  Yes, it’s Halloween! It is a day like no other . . .  carving pumpkins, preparing the “boofet”, kids at my door in their costumes, scary movies . . . it just makes me smile!