My Auntie Beryl



It has been two weeks since my Auntie Beryl passed away. . . my Godmother. The funeral was last week and was like most, bittersweet. It is always nice to see family and friends but so difficult to let go. I loved my Auntie Beryl so very much . . . she was my favorite. I read this at her memorial service . . . 

A Tribute to My Aunt . . . My Godmother

Auntie Beryl was a wonderful person and I loved her. She was my mother’s younger sister who prominently inhabits my earliest memories. She was fun, great fun. Beryl loved her nieces and nephews as though they were children of her own.

I treasure my childhood memories of those magical days when I visited Beryl’s home. Coming from our home on a small city lot, seeing her home next to the lake was an overwhelming site. Going to Beryl’s home was like going to a vacation resort and I loved being there. It was such a fun and peaceful sanctuary. Her gardens were stunning, full of flowers and berries. The deck that sprawled along the back of the house was always filled with friends and family telling stories and laughing while the scent of summer grilling was in the air. My Auntie Beryl was a great cook and a fantastic baker. Although her pies were loved by all, my very favorite dessert was her absolutely AMAZING brownies. She always had a pan of them ready when I came to visit! But what truly made my day special was my dear godmother. Beryl was so full of love, so full of fun and so full of laughter. I loved her laugh.

My love for animals was sparked by my family, but fueled by my Auntie Beryl. Visiting Beryl at her home was always fun because I knew there would be cats and dogs there. She understood how much I wanted a dog and then came a Christmas Miracle! I was ten years old and we went to visit Auntie Beryl for Christmas. When we arrived, there she was to greet me holding an adorable puppy with a big red bow! We named her Sadie and my life became richer with my dog at my side. Yes, Beryl was an angel in my life.

Another fond memory is when I travelled with Beryl and Carla to California. With Mom beside me in the back seat of their car, they treated me to the trip of a lifetime. I was so excited to finally meet my Auntie Carol who lived in Redding! Later in the trip, Beryl and Carla surprised me with an unforgettable 13th Birthday celebration at Knott’s Berry Farm.

Last week as I worked in my garden, the summer breeze and the smell after a recent rain stirred my memories of our times together. And for just a moment, I was a playful child again and said quietly “I love you, too, Auntie Beryl…up to the sky and beyond!”

I will always remember you Beryl, my dear aunt and godmother. Your love and laughter will forever fill my heart.

One thought on “My Auntie Beryl

  1. Jean Ostrom says:

    Your tribute to Beryl was wonderful! She was such a special person and will be missed by all who knew her.

    Liked by 1 person

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