Soaking up the sun in January!


What a winter! The last two days of January blessed me with a dose of Vitamin D! Yes, we hit 46 degrees! I watched the snow melt from the roof . . . dancing ballerina icicles! The Madeline Island Ferry has been making trips all winter . . . warm temperatures keeping the lake open. I love love love looking out at that blue water!!! The color of the water next to the white snow diamonds is spectacular . . . who lives in a place like this?! I guess I do . . . so very grateful!

Michael and Naketa home for Christmas!







So very blessed . . . my Michael and Naketa were home for Christmas this past week! They are such a gift in my life (and they came bearing gifts – a Keurig 550!!!)! Seeing my children never fails to fulfill me. I am always surprised at how easily I can slip fully back into Mommy mode – I guess it is because that is a huge part of who I am. So today my Christmas decorations were all put away . . . have I mentioned that Christmas is hands-down my most favorite Holiday? I have this joy that begins even before Thanksgiving and somehow just keeps going into January. I have always loved how this Holiday Season makes me feel safe, grateful, excited, and full of love for everyone around me . . . wonder and joy. Yes, my children and dear husband bring me such happiness . . . it encourages me to extend my joy beyond the season and in to every moment of my life. Thank you Kevon, Michael and Naketa, Jennifer, Joey and Sarah . . . Love you all so very much, Mom


Happy New Year 2016!



Good Morning 2016! A blessed January 1st . . . the town was coated with a fresh coating of snow diamonds . . . so quiet and peaceful. A morning of gratitude as we watched the sun come up . . . “This is the day the Lord has made . . . I will rejoice and be SOOOOO glad in it” . . . very excited for 2016 . . . yes, I love love love life!

New Year’s Eve 2015!!!


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Kevon and I celebrated New Year’s Eve with family and friends in our little town on the Big Lake! As always Sherm and Jane kicked in some good endorphins . . . special bonus is that amazing Rocky . . . love that dog! Bayfield Inn again does a party like no other . . . great music, food, and of course champagne!!! This evening was a celebration of all the gifts that we have been blessed with this past year . . . I will continue to look for joy each day in the year 2016.