Some things will never change




Autumn – the season of change . . . friends, family, and even my sweet Bayfield are going through change. People move, illness appears, businesses close and the trees are dropping their leaves of gold. As I look out my window this morning I am also aware of the constants in my life. Yes, there are some things that will never change . . .  the love I have for my family (and Goldens) and God’s Love . . . simply always there . . .

Happy Birthday Dear Michael!

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Happy Birthday to my first baby, the little soul responsible for making me a mother thirty five years ago today! Dear Michael . . . I feel blessed on a daily basis to be your Mom . . . having you as a son has been truly a gift in this journey called life. Thank you for making me proud every day for being such a caring, good soul to other people. I have always loved how you absorbed the world around you, inquisitive and delighted to learn. My wish for you is to seek out joy every single day . . . find something that makes you happy and do it – spend a portion of each day smiling and laughing. Follow your heart, treasure your family, be loyal to your friends, embrace your fears and allow them to make you stronger, respect the money you earn, and live your passion! I love you, Mom

Indian Summer

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How I love these warm sunny days of Autumn. The Dahlias are in bloom . . . they show how beautiful perfect symmetry in nature can be.  Madeline Island is glowing from our window . . . all ablaze with fall colors. The Bayfield Farmer’s Market ends tomorrow for the season (sad), but I am so grateful for the harvest blessings!!! It has been such a glorious Autumn for me . . . “It was Indian summer, a bluebird sort of day as we call it in the north, warm and sunny, without a breath of wind; the water was sky-blue, the shores a bank of solid gold” . . . Sigurd Olson

Fall Color Magic

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Magical fall colors everywhere I look . . . love love love!!! Last Sunday we had a beautiful 78 degrees – Kevon was up on the roof cleaning gutters . . . and sometimes just sitting and enjoying the view!!! The sweet dark-eyed Juncos have now appeared at our feeders . . . when these birds show up in the fall we know that winter is not far behind. Love seeing those chipmunks storing up for winter . . . makes me smile as I think of all the frozen Bayfield berries I have stored up for those cold snowy days ahead!