Le Chateau






Yesterday Jenni and I took a walk to Le Chateau, a beautiful historic hillside mansion overlooking Lake Superior. We love walking the gardens (ten city lots) and manicured grounds. I am crazy over the fountain . . . love love love!!! We always feel like we are on vacation when we immerse ourselves in this magical place . . .

Love is Life . . . Life is Love





Birthday celebration . . . this was a beautiful and joyous day that is special just because it commemorates the start of my life! Thankful for cards, gifts, and phone calls from all my children . . . Michael and Naketa, Joey and Sara, Jenni girl, and Chelsea . . . I was doing my Happy Dance with each one! That man next to me is the greatest gift of all . . . I am excited to start another 365 day journey around the sun with him . . . we will enjoy the trip! Love is life . . . Life is love

Birthdays are a Gift!




Yesterday was my birthday!  I always dedicate this special day to joy in my life . . . really, this is what I try to do everyday, but on my Birthday I am totally immersed in joy!!! My Kevon always amazes me with surprises of love . . . yes, I got a hula hoop from Portland, Oregon!  I love, love, love it!!!  My garden is now graced with Tinker Bell . . . another Kevon surprise . . . feeling so grateful for another year!  A beautiful day to look up and thank God . . .

Bayfield Baskets and Plaques

IMGP3670 IMGP3666  

 The beautiful flower baskets are up in Bayfield! Kevon and I spent the morning hanging the memorial and dedication plaques on them. I love this time of year . . . everything smells and looks so fresh . . . love, love, love!!! Janine’s plaque is hanging in Memorial Park looking over the Big Lake . . . this is one of my very favorite spots to sit and “let go and let God fill my Spirit.”