Ethel’s Night!



Kevon and I at “our” table . . . yes, it was a perfect night at Ethel’s! Bill and Sally are the best . . . we are so grateful to have this amazing place to eat, laugh, and visit with all our Bayfield friends!!!

My Happy Place!



Kevon treated me to my favorite chairs ever . . . yes!!! There is nothing better than sitting in my white Adirondack Chair looking out at my beautiful blue Big Lake . . . this truly is my “Happy Place” . . . thank you sweetheart!

Black Hawk Marina Garden




Strolled through our Black Hawk Marina Garden yesterday. I could not quit smiling . . . Love this beautiful and unique garden in Bayfield . . . is there another boat-oriented garden anywhere?!!!  It is as bright and colorful as a box of crayons . . . love, love, love!!!

Apple Blossom Magic

IMGP3342 IMGP3379 IMGP3400 IMGP3397 Bayfield is being blessed with the beauty of Apple Blossoms! I still struggle to believe my eyes . . . it is breathtaking!  Love visiting the Blue Vista Farm . . . apples, berries, flowers and my favorite barn ever . . . it is a place where I just breathe. “A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible” – A Welsh Proverb

Kevon and Captain Sherm

IMGP3351  IMGP3395 The Island Princess, a 70′ vessel, became Kevon’s new boat to pilot! He was part of the crew today with Captain Sherm! Kevon and Sherm have been busy waxing boats this spring.  Kevon is actually making money working on boats this year . . . quite a different story than last year!