Robins are a celebration of Spring . . .


After lunch today Mom and I spotted our first Robin of the season! When that first Robin in Spring appears I am reminded to bring as much joy into my life as possible.  I desire to greet the day with delight as the Robin . . . to live my life to the fullest . . . letting my spirit shine.  There is truly so much to be enjoyed in this life . . . in this day . . . in this moment.

I love Pussy Willows!





Today Grandma, Mother, Daughter went on our Pussy Willow journey . . . we found Pussy Willow Heaven in Cornucopia!  This is just another magical day I will always treasure . . . seeing my Mother and Daughter gathering beautiful branches of Pussy Willows!  The Pussy Willow tells the rest of the world and all the other flora and trees and bushes it’s time to wake up! Love love love!!!